NLV 1001 Fixed Position Laser Scanner


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NLV 1001 Fixed Position Laser Scanner

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NLV 1001 Fixed Position Laser Scanner

The NLV 1001 laser scanning module is designed to be an easily integrated fixed position scanner ideal for new product designs. This compact yet rugged scanning module is ideal for OEM applications that require a high performance, aggressive laser scanner with the ability to fit into small places.

The NLV 1001 employs an aggressive laser scanning engine that reads at a rate of 100 scans per seconds. This aggressive scanning coupled with the NLV 1001’s ARM 10 Microprocessor make this module the most accurate and reliable Fixed Position scanner in its class. With over 100 programmable options, the NLV 1001 can literally fit into any application. Additionally, the NLV 1001 comes in RS232, USB COM and USB HID connection options, to fit any design and implementation requirement.

The NLV 1001 is a cost effective way to add high performance scanning all linear barcodes inside of your OEM product. It is compact, easy to install and delivers an accurate and reliable aiming line with 100 scans per second. The NLV 1001 is designed for integration into any kiosk, embedded or stationary product and offers a wide variety of programmable options to make your products flexible yet reliable.

Features and Benefits:

  • High Performance Laser Scanning 
  • Solid return on investment 
  • Connection Options 
  • Brings versatility to product design and implementation 
  • Metal Housing 
  • Allows deployment into any environment 
  • 100 Scan/Second Laser Scanner 
  • Aggressive scanning that works every time 
  • Compact Size 
  • Easily incorporated into any product design 
  • Fully Programmable 
  • Allows for enhanced data collection possibilities
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