NFT1125 & NFT2135 fixed position CCD scanner


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NFT1125 & NFT2135 fixed position CCD scanner

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NFT1125 & NFT2135 fixed position CCD scanner

NFT1125 & NFT2135 fixed position CCD scanner

The NFT-1125/2135 fixed position CCD scanner is controlled by high-speed microprocessors and can be easily integrated into any new product design. Its front view optics and compact design provides reliable performance even in very tight spaces. It is available in either front or side viewing configurations and offers users a choice between scan speeds and focal distances.

The low power device operates on 5 VDC power and is capable of automatically recognizing and decoding most popular barcode symbologies. Data can be transmitted using RS232C communications to a host device. Equipped with a 16-bit microprocessor, the unit can be easily programed with parameters that match the application.

A rugged, durable steel enclosure prevents dirt and other environmental hazards from damaging the optics and electronics while improving EMC and ESD protection. It comes standard with a 6 foot cable with a 25 pin female D-shell connector. Custom connector types, label lengths, and pin outs are available. The units can also be delivered without an enclosure, as a module. An RF adapter can be powered by the RS232 signal to modify the device into a wireless unit (up to 500 feet from the host terminal). Built with no moving parts and a 100% solid state design, the NFT-1125/2135 offers consistent, reliable scanning.

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