NFT 7375B CCD High Speed Scanner


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NFT 7375B CCD High Speed Scanner

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NFT 7375B CCD High Speed Scanner

NFT 7375B CCD High Speed Scanner

Measuring at about 2” in width and length, 0.8” in height, and weighing less than 3.5oz, the NFT7375B high speed CCD scanners are among the smallest available. Despite its compact design, it is capable of reading at 700 scans per second, is fully programmable, and is equipped with a 32-bit microprocessor. RS232 interfacing is used to transmit data.

The NFT7375B CCD scanner features flexible mounting options and front or side viewing, making it easy to integrate into your new product design. A rugged steel casing protects the electronics and optics from dirt as well as other environmental hazards while improving EMC and ESD protection. Since it is fully programmable, it can be configured to match the needs of your application. 100% solid state CCD technology provides it with long lasting durability and assures high performance. The standard device is configured with a DB25 female connector with a 6 foot cable.


  • Small Size
  • Protects scanner from environmental hazards
  • Mounts in environments with minimal space
  • Front and Side View
  • Rugged Enclosure
  • Easy to incorporate into any design
  • Meets the need of any application
  • High reliability with no failures or down-time
  • 700 Scans per Second
  • Fast “snappy” barcode reading
  • CCD Technology
  • Fully Programmable
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