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Mobile & Wireless

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Mobile & Wireless

Mobile & Wireless

OCR MobileLink, Dispatch and Automated Vehicle Locator (AVL) solutions combine planning processes, delivery status viewing, dispatch, and wireless communications in order to provide a mobile, wireless solution. This mobile solution provides delivery dispatch monitoring as well as two-way wireless communications which allows for enhanced logistics execution. By integrating route planning with a system of free exchange of information between dispatchers and field workers, OCR MobileLink enhances traditional route planning systems and offers real-time visibility of plan execution.

OCR Dispatch allows you to assign and execute multiple or same-day pick-ups and deliveries. In order to aid in the improvement of customer responsiveness, OCR AVL provides real-time status updates, exception alerting, and forwarding predictability. All of this helps to improve tracking and allows workers to focus on carrying out their duties without interruptions.

Key Potential Benefits and Capabilities

  • Supports collaborative dispatch
  • Monitors and tracks assets and schedules
  • Provides real-time status updates
  • Forwards ETA predictions and alerts
  • Provides proof-of-service and commerce transactions
  • Provides real-time dispatch-driver data communication
  • Compatible with many hand-held devices and wireless telecom networks


  • OCR MobileLink
  • OCR Automated Vehicle Locator (AVL)
  • OCR AVL On-demand
  • OCR Wireless/GPS
  • OCR Dispatch
  • OCR Dispatch RS

Sample Customers

  • Tomra
  • Averitt Edward Don & Company
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