Mobile Virtual Branch Networking Solution


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Mobile Virtual Branch Networking Solution

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Mobile Virtual Branch Networking Solution

Virtualize your distributed enterprise

The increasing distribution of enterprise workforces has resulted in an extraordinary increase in the number of branch and home offices. Replicating large office networks, even in the form-factor of a branch office-in-a-box, is simply not an economically viable approach. Aruba’s cloud-based Virtual Branch Networking (VBN) solution rightsizes the cost of delivering an enterprise-class network to all your users whether they are in the office, at home or on the road.

  • Small Branch and Home Offices: Aruba’s cloud-based VBN delivers the corporate network to small office locations with up to 60% capital and 75% operational cost savings compared to traditional branch routers.By migrating up to seven networking and security services to central data centers or public clouds, VBN replaces costly branch appliances with a simple, compact and affordable network device called a Remote Access Point or (RAP). Enterprise network services including content security, user-access policies and network visibility are all centrally configured and managed in the corporate data center. Additional savings are realized by leveraging broadband connections over costly private WAN connections.
  • Medium and Large Branch Offices: Aruba’s industry-leading 802.11n wireless LANs (WLANs) deliver wire-like network performance that simultaneously increases workforce mobility and rightsizes wiring closets as employees migrate from fixed desktops to wireless laptops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones.Branch office controllers and 802.11n access points (APs) provide the same WLAN capabilities as large office environments, but with branch-appropriate functions such as centralized managementand security. The result is a large-office network experience with a reduced device footprint and lower total cost of network ownership.
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