Medical Supplies Inventory


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Medical Supplies Inventory

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Medical Supplies Inventory

Medical Supplies Inventory

Medical Supplies Inventory management solution provides you with the tools to track and control medical supplies, bandages, pharmaceuticals, and recalls as well as provides you with the means to perform batch tracking. Your business can focus on what it does best while ASAP Systems provides the solution and technology to easily manage your medical supplies and generate a return on investment for you. The solution allows for:

  • Management of standard or serialized supplies inventory
  • Batch/ lot medical supply inventory management – capable of tracking expiration dated food, chemicals, and medical supplies
  • Can track serial numbers, date codes, expiration dates, and lot codes

Key Benifits:

  • Enhanced control and accountability
  • Reduce inventory levels to reduce costs
  • Real-time access to current levels of inventory
  • Significant reduction of error incidences associated with book-based management
  • Reduce unexpected inventory shortages
  • Reduce time taken to receive or issue out inventory
  • Speed up physical inventory times
  • Rapid return on investment

Medical Supplies Inventory offers the following features:

  • Track and control inventory and medical supplies received
  • Receive with or without a Purchase Order (PO)
  • Receive and register supplies to a default or scanned location
  • Receive using Unit Of Measure (UOM) Multiplier
  • Capable of registering same stock numbers at different locations
  • Record and view inventory issued sorted by destination
  • Issue to customers, scrap, jobs, or production
  • Issue against a Sales Order or without an SO
  • View local and global levels of inventory
  • Track and control standard inventory cost as well as supplier information
  • Capable of supporting random or dedicated putaway processes
  • Sort finished goods, WIP, and raw materials
  • Supports automatic reordering
  • Streamlines physical inventories and supports cycle counts
  • Automate the physical inventory process
  • Capable of tracking Work In Process (WIP)
  • First In First Out (FIFO) management
  • Generate inventory lists, pick lists, and Bill Of Materials (BOM)
  • Create management reports
  • Export data through Excel, HTML, Text, etc.
  • Print out catalogs and barcode labels
  • Simple to use, menu driven software
  • Compatible with cabled or portable scanners
  • Solution can be configured to meet your demands
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