Medical Office Wireless Networking Solution


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Medical Office Wireless Networking Solution

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Medical Office Wireless Networking Solution

Medical Office Wireless Networking Solution

Comprehensive Solutions for Wireless Networking

The Medical Office Wireless Networking Solution is designed to provide a secure wireless network for small medical offices. The solution utilizes a controller with two access points in order to provide a cost-effective solution with a secure, high performance networking service. This networking solution enables healthcare officers to:

  • Speed up and improve patient throughput and security by using real-time monitoring supported by the wireless network, such as video surveillance and conferencing
  • Eliminate phone costs by switching to voice-over WLAN communications (VoLAN)
  • Form a closed-loop, seamless electronic office network infrastructure for emergency response, patient throughput/ tracking, patient registration, billing, sampling, and inventory management

This comprehensive wireless networking kit is ideal for clinics who require a safe and efficient network infrastructure for their medical office.

Products Included

  • RFS4000 Integrated Services Controller
  • AP650 Dual Radio, Internal antenna
  • US Line Cord

Part of the In-A-Box series of software solutions.

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