Manufacturing RFID Inventory Tracking Solution


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Manufacturing RFID Inventory Tracking Solution

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Manufacturing RFID Inventory Tracking Solution

Manufacturing RFID Inventory Tracking Solution

Efficiency has never been more important in the manufacturing industry than it is today. Faced with increased competition, globalization, and other economic pressures, manufacturers must always look for ways to lower people and material costs while increasing asset utilization and productivity. They must also face the increasing demand for faster delivery times, customized products, and improved customer service. Today, RFID is being introduced into the manufacturing industry in order to meet many of these challenges.

Manufacturing RFID solutions can lower operating costs by reducing labour costs, claims, and returns, effectively increasing overall operating income by putting into place an intuitive tracking system. Additionally, the solution can optimize asset use and lower working capital by allowing reductions in inventory and reducing the amount of inventory write-offs from unsellable assets or returns.

Features and Benefits

  • Improved Tracking – faster and more accurate tracking of pallets, containers, and cartons
  • Enhanced Assembly Process – improve efficiency of operations and reduce the amount of errors made during the assembly process
  • Reduce Costs – Lower stock levels and costs of operation
  • Improved Inventory Management System – Offer the tools to allow for more efficient picking operations by providing real-time access to inventory and routing information
  • Improve Inventory Visibility – Put into place a just-in-time (JIT) system
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