Magellan 8500 Retail Scanner


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Magellan 8400 MK500 Micro Kiosk

Magellan 8500 Retail Scanner

CATEGORY:Point of Sale (POS)
Magellan 8500 Retail Scanner

Magellan 8500 Retail Scanner

The Magellan® 8500 Scanner provides the best fixed point of sale performance in the world. It is designed to handle high-volume retail applications and uses Datalogic’s SurroundScan 3D Scanning technology to quickly and efficiently scan all six sides of an item. It eliminates misreads and solves ergonomic issues.

8500 models feature stainless steel platters which can be set up as either simply a scanner or a scanner with a scale. The 8500 can be combined with Datalogic’s All-Weighs® scale for use in applications which require the ability to accurately weigh produce and bulk food at checkout. The scanner comes in long or short lengths in order to accommodate for your point of sale set up.

FirstStrike® software is used in combination with the device in order to provide the industry’s best level of scanning performance. It allows it improves first pass read rates and allows it to scan poorly printed, damaged, or wrinkled barcodes without much trouble.

It comes equipped with Flash memory so that software upgrades, which extend its life span, can be easily installed. It features an RS-232 port which supports the connection of a handheld scanner. By connecting an auxiliary device, you can use that scanner for input into the system, configure that scanner, or access its label data output. An optional electronic article surveillance (EAS) system can be added into the package. The 8500 can be combined with Checkpoint EAS and, because of the RS-232 port, supports Sensormatic EAS systems.

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