Magellan 8500 POS Grocery Scanner


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Magellan 8500 POS Grocery Scanner

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Magellan 8500 POS Grocery Scanner

Magellan 8500 POS Grocery Scanner

The Magellan® 8500 is a high performance POS scanner and scale system for use in large volume point of sale applications. Using PSC’s SurroundScan™ technology, the 8500 is capable of quickly scanning all 6 sides of an item. This allows for the barcode label to be scanned on the first pass, regardless of its orientation or position.

FirstStrike™ advanced decoding software provides the Magellan® with accurate, powerful decoding capable of reading poorly printed, torn, and disfigured labels of all types. It also automatically discriminates and reads most popular symbologies, even Reduced Space Symbology (RSS).

A variety of value-added features make the flexible Magellan® 8500 an ideal point of sale scanning solution. An auxiliary RS232 port allows a PSC handheld scanner to be integrated for scanning large or heavy items left in the shopping cart. This port also allows for quick and easy updating of scanner software in flash memory. Furthermore, the device can be equipped with electronic article surveillance (EAS) capabilities, including Interlock, for security tag deactivation. Productivity Index Reporting™ (PIR) allows the device to monitor the barcodes being scanned, providing management information of what items are slowing down the checkout process. Cashier Training™ is also included, which teaches users faster, ergonomic scan techniques.

The Magellan® 8500 can be easily installed and offers users years of worry free operation. With the same size as the original Magellan SL® (10” x 11.5” / 50.8 cm x 29.2 cm), the 8500 can be easily integrated into new or already existing point of sale checkout stations. It also supports the use of most popular out-of-the-box host terminal interface software, including IBM46XX, RS232, and IBM Power Plus USB. It is also compatible with JavaPOS and OPOS systems.


  • SurroundScan™ 3D Scanning™ Technology
  • FirstStrike™ Advanced Decoding Software
  • Enhanced All-Weighs™ Platter
  • Flash memory for low cost, easy upgradeability
  • Optional Cashier Training™ software and Productivity Index Reporting™ (PIR)
  • Powered auxiliary RS232 port for quick and easy integration
  • Multiple interface solution supports all popular host interfaces
  • Optional RSS decoding capability
  • Optional EAS functionality
  • Configurable sleep and wake up mode
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