Magellan 3200VSi On-Counter Point-Of-Sale Scanner


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Magellan 3200VSi On-Counter Point-Of-Sale Scanner

CATEGORY:Point of Sale (POS)
Magellan 3200VSi On-Counter Point-Of-Sale Scanner

Magellan 3200VSi On-Counter Point-Of-Sale Scanner

The Magellan™ 3200VSi barcode reader is ideal for high-volume, intensive, point of sale (POS) applications. It is equipped with high speed performance and wide field of capture as well as other functionalities that come with imaging technology. Imaging technology is capable of capturing difficult to read barcodes such as out-of-spec, GS1 DataBar™, truncated (short), or poorly printed codes. The 3200VSi reader supports reading of 1D linear and 2D label decoding and supports presentation and sweeping scanning methods to increase efficiency and convenience.

The Magellan 3200VSi desktop imager continues to deliver the same high quality performance that Magellan products are known for. It brings even more to the table by improving product reliability. It features a solid-state design which eliminates the need for laser modules and spinning motors, bringing years of worry-free operation.

It features a Micro-SD card reader not found on any other POS scanners which allow easy management, upgrading, and maintenance of scanner software. The software is flexible and can be configured to operate based on various pre-set or customized methods. You can load new software or modify the existing software of the scanner using software management. New capabilities are easily added through modifying the software, increasing the life of the scanner and protecting your business’ investment.

The reader also features Host Download, diagnostics reporting, and productivity index reporting which allow the administration to use this data in order to create optimal maintenance schedules. It is also capable of capturing images and barcodes from PDAs, mobile phones, and computer screens using Illumix™.

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