Machine Assembly RFID Hub


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Machine Assembly RFID Hub

Machine Assembly RFID Hub

Machine Assembly RFID Hub

Integrating RFID data into any Ethernet host including industrial Ethernet IP and Modbus TCP PLC's; the Hub communicates with up to four controllers on a Subnet 16 network. The unique combination of microprocessor control, C-Macro commands and local I/O allows intelligence to be driven down to the RFID hardware level. Integrators and end users can reduce their network traffic by building in intelligence at the RFID controller level eliminating unnecessary network traffic between reader and host.

Each Hub is assigned a unique network address and automatically assigns the individual reader/controllers node addresses. Power supplied to the Hub is automatically distributed to the controllers on the network eliminating the need for individual power supplies for each controller. Each controller and Hub is microprocessor controlled allowing sophisticated features like plug'n'play addition and replacement of controllers from the network. The same microprocessor supports the creation ofC-Macro on the C-Macro editor for each controller giving the integrator a unique and powerful tool for application building. Local functions such as light trees, fast response error detection and servo actuation can now bedriven completely from the Hub without host communication delays.

The Hub features 20 LED's providing quick visual information on Hub operations including four inputs, four outputs, power, communications errors and node activity. The Hub is available in two different models; the HUB-OI-TCP-O1 supports Ethernet and the HUB-O1-IND-O1 supports industrial Ethernet standards including Ethernet IP and Modbus-TCP.


  • Two models:
  • HUB-Ol-TCP-Ol Commercial Ethernet (TCP/IP)
  • HUB-Ol-IND-Ol Industrial Ethernet (Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP)
  • 4-Subnet16 ports 4-Digital inputs 4-Digital outputs
  • Automatic node assignment
  • Automatic controller configuration
  • Monitors node status and Subnet16 activity
  • Power distributed over Subnet16 Network


  • This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following reference applications:
  • Automotive assembling
  • Paint lines
  • Seat assembling
  • Power trains
  • Machine assembling
  • Workinprogress tracking
  • Equipment tracking
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