MSR200 Magnetic Stripe Reader


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MSR200 Magnetic Stripe Reader

CATEGORY:Magnetic Stripe Slot Readers
MSR200 Magnetic Stripe Reader

MSR200 Magnetic Stripe Reader

Flexible and Reliable

The MSR200 Magnetic Stripe Reader from Unitech provides a reliable solution which can be used in a variety of environments for a variety of applications. It is ideal for point of sale, self-service, access control, and more.

Easy to Set Up and Operate

The MSR200 Magnetic Stripe Reader is simple to use and can be installed quickly and easily. The device can be attached to almost any computer keyboard or flat surface.

Once set up, cards can be swiped in both directions while LED lights provide feedback on whether or not the scan was successful or not at reading the card.

No knowledge of programming, external power supplies, or software drivers is needed to install the device. Simply connect the reader to the keyboard and the keyboard to the keyboard port present on almost any PC and you are ready to start scanning. Data read by the card reader is sent to the PC as if it were manually entered into the keyboard. No external power supply is needed as it uses lowpower CMOS.


The MSR200 has the option of dual and triple track configurations, ideal for reading driver’s licenses and ISO cards. It also is available with a keyboard wedge or RS232 interface.

  • Low power CMOS design
  • Keyboard emulation
  • Bi-directional read capability
  • Conforms to ISO 7811, ANSI x4.16, and AAMVA (Driver License) standards
  • IBM PC XT/AT, RS232, and PS/2 interfaces
  • Dual or Triple track card reading
  • Compact and lightweight enclosure
  • May be mounted on a keyboard or a flat surface
  • Provides feedback by LED and buzzer
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