MSH115 MSH119 Barcode Wand(1)


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MSH115 MSH119 Barcode Wand(1)

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MSH115 MSH119 Barcode Wand(1)

The rugged MSH-115/119 Wands are built to take a beating. The extruded, seamless, stainless steel case withstands drops and rough handling. Experience shows that cables are the most vulnerable a of a bar code wand. So we designed our double-spiraled, "High Flex" cable to withstand millions of bends and twists. We make the wand tip from synthetic ruby (hardest substance after diamond) to eliminate scratches. And we spring load it to dampen impact from drops and knocks.

We incorporated a self-cleaning mechanism for ruby ball tip to protect the optics from dust and dirt assuring years of consistent reads. To assure operation in a variety of harsh environments, the MSH-115/119 is rated to function from –5 to +120 F. A special optical band pass and electrical filter allow operation even in direct sunlight or under strong fluorescent lighting.

Don’t be fooled by the simple appearance of these wands. Clever design allows them to read the widest range of bar code labels, including both marginal quality dot matrix and high density labels. The MSH-115 has a greater depth of field making it ideal for reading laminated bar codes. Requires an external decoder device. Opticon wands are available in a wide variety of connectors and pinouts to match your existing hardware.

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