MS4980 Vuquest


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MS4980 Vuquest

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MS4980 Vuquest

The MS4980 is a compact area-imaging scanner that offers aggressive scanning of all 1D, PDF and 2D bar codes in a lightweight, durable and portable form factor. The scanner also features a sleek and elegant design that blends seamlessly in retail environments.

  • Aggressive Pass-Through Scanning: Enhances productivity by enabling cashiers to capture bar codes moving rapidly past the scan window 
  • Flexible Licensing Solution: Meets diverse scanning requirements by offering models with limited decoding capabilities—purchase decoding licenses to enable additional functionality as the need arises 
  • Robust Infrared Object Detection: Minimizes operator fatigue by providing hands-free presentation scanning 
  • Intelligent Multi-Interface Design: Provides automatic cable detection and configuration, reducing overall system costs 
  • CodeSelect™: Scans up to 7 bar codes in a single flash and outputs data in any predetermined order 
  • TotalFreedom: Expands scanner functionality by allowing image processing, decoding and formatting plug-ins to be loaded directly to the scanner instead of the host system 
  • Wide Field of View: Excels at scanning wide bar codes and OCR fonts close to the face
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