MS4400 MiniScan Imager


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MS4400 MiniScan Imager

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MS4400 MiniScan Imager

MS4400 MiniScan Imager

The MS4400 is one of the most compact imaging charged couple device (CCD) modules available. The device allows users to embed one-dimensional (1D and two-dimensional (2D) barcode scanning and imaging into standalone or OEM applications where there is limited space. Its compact design is made for kiosk, clinical diagnostic equipment, point-of-sale (POS), and other applications where space is limited.

An omni-directional scan pattern with intuitive aiming ensures accurate scanning even when the barcode is not precisely positioned, making it simple to use even for inexperienced users. This plug-and-play, ready-to-mount device minimizes development times and integration costs. An integrated LED light and beeper with audible tone provide user feedback.

The MiniScan Imager provides comprehensive 1D and 2D data capturing capabilities wherever an extremely small footprint is needed. This versatile device is equipped with a wide array of features designed to offer uses high performance and flexibility. It features one of the greatest decoding ranges and support for a variety of barcode densities, from 5 to 100 mil. The ability to read almost any barcode offers user flexibility and the module simplifies integration by eliminating the need for complex decoding algorithm development. A built-in illumination system ensures that barcodes are lit appropriately for scanning in any lighting condition – from total darkness to bright sunlight. It can be configured in a hands-free presentation mode, where it runs quietly and activates when movement is detected.


  • 1D and 2D barcode scanning
  • Easy to mount and integrate into any application
  • Can be configured in a hands-free presentation mode
  • Integrated illumination allows it to function in any lighting conditions – from bright sunlight to total darkness
  • Packed with easy to use features – ideal for customer kiosks
  • Dual-focus system provides superior decoding range for optimal flexibility
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