MS320 Retail Long Range Barcode Scanner


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MS320 Retail Long Range Barcode Scanner

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MS320 Retail Long Range Barcode Scanner

MS320 Retail Long Range Barcode Scanner

The MS320 CCD scanner provides users with laser scanner-like performance via long range CCD scan technology. An ergonomic, lightweight design allows it to be comfortable used for extended periods of time and its rugged durability allows it to endure multiple drops from up to 1.5 meters onto concrete.

The MS320 provides support for one dimensional and two dimensional barcodes, such as PDF417, making it ideal for use in a variety of applications, such as the automotive industry for product evidence, shipping, quality conveyance, material data sheets, configuration management, and production broadcast.

A hands-free stand is available that allows it t operate as a presentation scanner, ideal for retail applications, point of sale, document tracking, and office automation applications.


  • Provides support for most 1D barcode symbologies and 2D symbologies such as PDF417
  • Flexible connectivity via auto discriminating interface design
  • Flash allows for quick and easy upgrades via RS232 interfacing
  • Robust design withstanding 1.5m to concrete floor
  • Can be configured through scan utility software on a PC (RS232 cable required) or through quick set-up
  • Anti scud material
  • Contact and wide reading enables you to read labels up to 25cm DOF and up to 12 cm wide
  • Interchangeable plug-in design
  • Optional hands free stand for automatic scanning
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