MS2300 Series StratosH Fixed Scanner


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MS2200 StratosS MS3580 QuantumT Omnidirectional Retail Barcode Scanner

MS2300 Series StratosH Fixed Scanner

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MS2300 Series StratosH Fixed Scanner

MS2300 StratosS

The MS2300 StratosH® is part of Metrologic’s proven series of Stratos® bioptic scanner and scale point of sale systems. The MS2300 features a compact design with a 100 mm (4”) below counter depth and is designed to be easily installed into most seated or standing checkout stations.

The MS2300 StraosH® is a 6-sided, 360-degree scanner and scale solution designed for in-counter integration that provides advanced scanning performance via StratosSPHERE™ decoding software. The scanner takes advantage of independent horizontal and vertical scan planes to provide high throughput, regardless of the products orientation.


  • 6-sided, 360° scanning – Minimizes the need to precisely position the label to be scanned, providing higher throughput and improved economics
  • Multiple interfacing options allows for easy migration to new host types, providing investment production
  • StratosSYNC™ - intuitive decoding software with independent scanning planes for improved productivity and uptime
  • StratosSCHOOL™ - cashier training software teaches operators efficient, ergonomic scan techniques
  • StratosSWAP™ - pre-aligned optical scan modules lowers maintenance costs and minimizes downtime
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