MS2200 Fixed Mount Scanner


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MS2200 Fixed Mount Scanner

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MS2200 Fixed Mount Scanner

MS2200 Fixed Mount Scanner

Symbol’s MS22xx Series are a family of durable, compact industrial fixed mount scanners equipped with fast, aggressive performance and the ability read a wide variety of one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (wD) symbologies, including PDF417, composite codes, and reduced space symbology (RSS). The MS22xx series is offered standard or very high density (VHD) models. Both versions feature a smart raster pattern designed for reading 2D symbols and poorly printed 1D barcodes. The MS22xx-VHD is optimized for high density barcode reading applications. A high scan rate of 640 scans per second makes it ideal for unattended, high-speed scanning applications, such as assembly lines and conveyor belts in warehouse or manufacturing environments. PDF417 reading capabilities also make it ideal for reading driver’s licenses for security identification.

MS22xx scan modules are easy to configure and program, shortening development time of your product, allowing you to put your OEM device on the market sooner. A rugged housing, integrated beeper, durable exit window, and variety of interfacing options allow your teams to confidently embed high-performance 1D and 2D barcode scanning into standalone OEM applications.


  • Smart raster pattern for reading PDF417 barcodes
  • Compact, durable casing with integrated beeper, LEDs, and mounting holes
  • IP54 rated sealing for protection from water and dust
  • High-speed scan rate of 640 scans per second
  • Four scanning patterns: 1D linear, 1D omni-directional, 1D semi-omni, and PDF raster
  • Easy to program simple serial interface (SSI)
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