MP6000 Multi-Plane Bioptic Imager


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MP6000 Multi-Plane Bioptic Imager

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MP6000 Multi-Plane Bioptic Imager

MP6000 Multi-Plane Bioptic Imager

Motorola's MP6000 Multi-Plane Bioptic Imager is capable of capturing and reading any mobile or printed 1D or 2D barcodes with blazing speeds and in nearly any condition. The MP6000 sports a modular design, allowing you to add on the extra pieces that you need like a customer-side barcode scanner for reading mobile phone codes, customer loyalty cards and even for those impulse buys, you can also add an EAS as well as a handheld scanner and the modular design means that it is proofed for future needs - like the expansion to RFID readers. The results of all these features is a greater throughput, less abandoned sales as well as a lasting impression on customers that will increase their loyalty and make return visits more common.

Unsurpassed scanning performance

The MP6000 easily outperforms any other laser bioptic scanner on the market today and it is able to scan barcodes at such a high rate due to Motorola's proven imaging technology.

Capture any barcode

It is capable of discriminating between 1d and 2D barcodes and reads them automatically, whether they are on a mobile phone or on paper - even if the code is damaged or on a plastic gift or loyalty card.

Exceptional reliability, and Cost of Ownership

With the MP600 you get a maximum cost of ownership. It features no moving parts which reduces the power consumption by 30 percent as well as capacitive buttons that can withstand the wear and tear, all of this lowers its chances of breaking down and lowers your maintenance costs.


It features 6 ports for you to easily add new modules, increasing and expanding the MP6000s capabilities. It allows you to add a scale or even a scanner to the side for customers to scan barcodes on their mobile devices, loyalty cards. You can also add handheld scanners or EAS devices and even have spare ports for future expansions, like RFID.

Unprecedented management capability

It also comes with complimentary software that allows you to remotely manage the entire scanner and its attached peripherals, making the solution easy to set up and maintain.

Sapphire glass

It features Sapphire best-in-class glass on its horizontal scan window that makes it scratch-proof from normal the normal wear and tear.

Integrated EAS support

The MP6000 comes with integrated support for the Sensormatic or Checkpoint system that you are using today, eliminating the need to upgrade your systems to install the new hardware.

Whisper quiet

The MP6000 is whisper quiet because it has no motor like laser scanners do, this keeps the point of sale quiet and improves the environment.

Easy to use

It features omni-directional scanning and a six sided 720 degree coverage zone, making scanning of products a cinch, just swipe and you're good to go.

Optional customer side scanner

The customer side scanner allows your customers to easily and simultaneously scan their own impulse buy items, coupons, loyalty cards as well as barcodes on their mobile devices, these can be scanned at any time and reduces the time taken to check customers out.

Three programmable buttons

With three programmable buttons, workers can easily set common functions and POS processes for one button simplicity, improving throughput.

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