MP300 Portable Printer


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MP300 Portable Printer

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MP300 Portable Printer

MP300 Portable Printer

The MP300 is a 3 inch mobile receipt printer that is compact, rugged, and lightweight. Weighing in at a little over one pound, the MP300 can be worn on a belt-loop, allowing users to carry it around all day for on-the-go printing. The device is equipped with two over-molded bumpers that protect it in any environment. Additionally, its compact design allows for better portability without sacrificing printing performance.

Enable workers to carry out line-busting operations with the MP300 portable printer, thereby reducing customer wait times at restaurants, stadiums, and theme parks. A three-track magnetic stripe reader can be added to allow for credit card transactions and ID card scanning. The device is also beneficial for use in other route accounting, field service, transportation, hospitality, or public safety ticketing applications.

The MP300 offers wireless communication to Unitech mobile computers through IrDA and Bluetooth connectivity. When paired with a mobile computer, users are offered the benefits of a complete enterprise mobile solution. The MP300 is capable of printing customized barcodes, logos, and other graphical elements and can be easily integrated into your business’ systems.


  • MP300
  • Roll of 3” receipt paper
  • Belt clip
  • AC adapter
  • Li-Ion battery
  • Print-head cleaning pen
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Digital Manuals
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