MDI 1000 Imaging Engine


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MDI 1000 Imaging Engine

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MDI 1000 Imaging Engine

The MDI 1000 CMOS imaging engine employs digital imaging technology similar to that of a digital camera. The MDI 1000 features a 1.3 mega-pixel (gray scale), imager with wide angle lens. The MDI 1000 includes green targeting LED lights and red illumination LED lights to ensure a proper scan every time.

The MDI 1000 has also been optimized with an ARM 10 microprocessor that allows it not only to read and decode all common linear and two-dimensional barcodes, but it allows the MDI 1000 to read and decode from any direction. This makes the MDI 1000 a small but powerful option for omni-directional scanning. The MDI 1000 is a great option for your embedded projects that require a compact and powerful imaging solution.

Features and Benefits:

  • 1.3 Mega-pixel CMOS Imager 
  • High res. imager with expanded field of view 
  • Compact-sized Imager 
  • Easy integration into any device 
  • Light Weight 
  • Ideal for mobile devices 
  • Supports all Common Symbologies 
  • Versatile reading & decoding for any app. 
  • Two Color LED System 
  • Allows accurate targeting and illumination 
  • ARM 10 Microprocessor 
  • Very high processing performance
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