MC9090-S Motorola Outdoor Mobile


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MC9090-S Motorola Outdoor Mobile

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MC9090-S Motorola Outdoor Mobile

MC9090-S Motorola Outdoor Mobile

Rugged handheld mobile computer with a smaller form factor, ideal for the mobile workforce

The MC909X-S series of mobile computers from Symbol delivers the features and functionalities offered by the MC9090X-K series all in a compact, mobile design. The MC9090-S build on the field-proven MC9000 and MC9090 Series of mobile computers and offer the latest technology and rugged, compact design. The device supports advanced data capturing options and WWAN/WLAN/WPAN communications.

When used in conjunction with centralized remote management, the MC9090X-S series offers a reliable, manageable, and powerful solution for improving mobile worker efficiency. The cost effective device allows employees in any environment, whether it be in a retail store, in the field, or in a warehouse store, to work more productively. The MC9090 series of mobile computers are reliable and rugged, and offer outstanding investment protection.

Wireless WAN/LAN/PAN Communications Capabilities

The MC9090-S series of handheld mobile computers offers multiple means of connectivity and communication with support for wireless WAN/LAN/PAN. This ensures real-time visibility is achieved and that workers are always connected and able to access the mission-critical information they need to get the job done. The device is designed to handle the wear and tear of everyday use in nearly all environments, whether it be used for logistics, field repair, or warehouse management. It enables workers to capture and send data in real time.

Power to Run Complex Applications

The MC909X-S series of handheld mobile computers is designed with the latest operating system and processor, as well as advanced memory capacity and data capturing options. These features allow the device to run almost any application, including those which involve voice and multimedia features. The device features integrated barcode scanning and imaging capabilities, making it ideal for functions such as counting inventory, fleet maintenance, pick-up and delivery, and more. The device is equipped with a powerful battery which can allow the device to run for a whole shift due to power management features. It is designed with a rugged touch panel, keypad and display.

Centralized Management System and Extended Support

When combined with Symbol’s Mobility Service Platform, businesses can easily track, provision, and support all MC909X-S series of devices from a remote, central location. With this system, managing devices is simple and affordable. Symbol also offers support to users of the device in the form of anything from deployment assistance to support plans which cover damages caused by every day wear and tear in order to protect your investment.

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