MC9090-K Motorola Wireless Enterprise Scanner


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MC9090-K Motorola Wireless Enterprise Scanner

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MC9090-K Motorola Wireless Enterprise Scanner

MC9090-K Motorola Wireless Enterprise Scanner

Rugged handheld mobile computer with support for voice and data convergence

The MC9090-K is designed for intensive data capturing applications and features flexible wireless connectivity options with WLAN, WWAN, and WPAN capabilities. It is the ideal cost-effective solution to any data collection application, whether it been in the field, a warehouse, on the road, or at a retail store. The MC9090-K builds on the field-proven success of its predecessors, the MC9000 and MC9090 Series Mobile Computers from Symbol. It features a rugged design and is reliable even in real world situations where drops are inevitable and temperature is variable. WWAN, WLAN, and WPAN connectivity allows for flexible network connection options from any location. The device can be combined with mobile device management to effectively manage your mobile workers. It has the performance specs needed to run both simple and complex applications and make your mobile workers more productive.

Multi-Mode Wireless WAN/LAN/PAN

The MC9090-K continues the success of Symbol’s MC9000 family by providing a rugged, handheld computer which is exceptionally versatile and reliable. It is ideal for applications which require the provision of real-time visibility of information. It is specifically designed to endure everyday use in all types of environments. It enables workers to capture and send data in real time and its multiple modes of network connection ensure that data is almost always accessible to users. The device streamlines business tasks and improves productivity.

Powerful Performance for all Types of Applications

The MC9090X-K series of handheld mobile computers are built with a powerful processor and come with the latest operating system which allows the device to run nearly any application. It features an integrated barcode scanning and image capturing device and has a rugged design. It is ideal for many applications, including fleet maintenance, delivery, inventory counts, and more. The battery life of the MC9090X-K series is capable of lasting a full shift due to its excellent power management functionality.

Rugged Construction and Centralized Management

Symbol’s MC9090X-K Series of handheld mobile computers are reliable across a variety of operating conditions, including extreme environments. Additionally, using the device with Symbol’s Mobility Services Platform (MSP) allows you to quickly track, manage, and support all of your MC9090X-K devices from a remote location. With the device, Symbol provides unprecedented support services, which extends to accidental breakage and every day wear and tear, so that your investment is protected.

Features and Benefits

  • Voice and Data Sending and Receiving including WWAN/WLAN/WPAN connectivity and data capturing
  • Built in quad band GPRS/EDGE/GSM or iDEN radio for WWAN capabilities
  • Bluetooth v1.2 radio with BT Explorer for WPAN connectivity
  • Rugged design with an IP64 sealing and internal antennas
  • Intel XScale PXA270 Processor
  • Windows Mobile 5.0 Premium or Phone Edition
  • 1D or 2D omni-directional barcode scanning capabilities
  • 3.8” large display
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