MC35 Motorola Mobile Barcode


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MC35 Motorola Mobile Barcode

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MC35 Motorola Mobile Barcode

MC35 Enterprise Digital Assistant from Motorola

Keep your mobile workers connected, responsive and efficient at all times with Motorola’s MC35 Enterprise Digital Assistant. The MC35 provides the user with the functionalities of a laptop, mobile phone, barcode scanner, and camera all in one durable, reliable device. The device simplifies the data management process by providing a device which combines communication and data management functionalities.


  • Business-essential durability
  • Intel XScale PXA270 @ 416 MHz
  • Operates on Windows Mobile 5.0 Phone Edition
  • Supports use with speakerphone, headset with push-to-talk functionality
  • WWAN (EDGE GPRS/GSM), WPAN (Bluetooth v1.2), and WLAN (802.11/b/g) connectivity
  • GPS radio
  • Built in, high-resolution 2MP camera with macro focus and an LED flash
  • SDIO card is user accessible
  • Standard or extended battery options
  • Keyboard and touch screen functionalities available

Comprehensive mobile voice and data functionality

The MC35 was designed specifically for voice and data communications. The device comes with various modes of voice communications, including one to one and one to many modes and can be used with a headset or speakerphone. The MC35 provides your workers with a reliable way to access data, via email and messaging, as well as a comprehensive data capturing solution. The device keeps mobile workers connected and allows them to keep up with the latest information. Users can receive emails, download and view attachments, receive texts, and make phone calls. The MC35 has a built in colour camera which is capable of capturing images and reading barcodes. The Cam Wedge application allows the device to decode 1D and 2D barcodes, simplifying the data capture process. The device is a comprehensive solution for the tasks of mobile workers.

A Comprehensive List of Functionalities

The MC35 is equipped with a wide variety of functionalities and acts as a mobile phone, GPS, camera, laptop, barcode scanner, and camera. Multiple modes of communication are possible with the MC35, as users are able to make individual private phone calls or use a walkie-talkie style broadcasting mode, allowing all other workers to hear. The device allows for on the go internet access from any location which allows employees to receive and send email, respond to meeting requests, and more. The camera features a built in two-megapixel camera allows the device to capture images. The MC35 is also capable of reading barcodes, allowing workers to look up products and price check items for customers.

Built for all day everyday use — inside and outside the enterprise

The MC35 is designed to be a sleek, mobile device while also offering a durable design in order to endure practical use in the real world. The device is durable and has been proven to still operate reliably even after inevitable everyday drops. It features internal WWAN, WPAN, and WLAN radios to further improve the durability of the device. The device is dependable for everyday use as the keyboard has been proven to last a minimum of half a million actuations and the touch screen one million swipes.

WWAN/WLAN/WPAN Connectivity

The MC35 can communicate over WLAN, WPAN, and WWAN with its flexible networking capabilities. 802.11/b/g is built in to the device and provides you immediate connection with any set up wireless LAN, allowing workers to connect to the internet and access email and other mission-critical applications on the network. WWAN capabilities allow workers in the field to stay connected with support for EDGE GPRS via GSM carrier. A built in GPS system allows the device’s location to be pinpointed, allowing for a variety of location-based services, including turn by turn directions and vehicle tracking. The MC35 is also capable of WPAN connectivity, which provides connectivity to personal devices such as printers, headsets, laptops, keyboards, and more. Users can print from any location and use the MC35 as a modem for their laptop.

Centralized Device Management

When used in combination with the Mobility Services Platform (MSP), the MC35 offers an enterprise class device management system which reduces the cost and time which must be spent managing mobile devices. MSP can help you remotely monitor, troubleshoot, and provision mobile devices regardless of where that device is located. With this system, updates can be shipped out to hundreds or thousands of devices simultaneously. The system significantly reduces the complexity of managing mobile devices, allowing your IT staff to focus on other tasks.

An operating system built to support enterprise needs

The MC35 is built upon Windows Mobile 5.0 Premium Phone Edition, which provides a wide array of advantages over other devices developed with the Windows Mobile Smartphone Edition Platform. The Premium Phone Edition enables the use of voice and data applications.

Benefits of Premium Phone Edition:

  • Multiple options for data entry – touch screen, keyboard, barcode scanner, image capturing
  • Terminal services client – the MC35 is capable of controlling your desktop remotely, providing additional benefits for workers
  • Supports Word Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile, and Excel Mobile

Expandable Storage, Battery Life, and More

The MC35 features a user-accessible SDIO slot, allowing you to expand its capabilities. New applications and functionalities can be easily added through this method, allowing you to configure your device to suit the task at hand. The option to add an optional large capacity battery allows for extended operating lengths, ideal for workers in the field.

Motorola offers Comprehensive Coverage alongside the MC35, which goes beyond traditional warranty by extending coverage to accidental damage to keypads, displays and other internal and external components of the device. This benefit allows you to reduce unpredictable costs which arise and ensures that your investment is protected.

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