M2500 Serial Barcode Decoder


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Caere EasyScanner 2033 M2800 USB Barcode Decoder

M2500 Serial Barcode Decoder

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M2500 Serial Barcode Decoder

M2500 Serial Barcode Decoder

The M2500 serial barcode decoder from AML provides users with a flexible data collection solution. AML recognizes that data collection application requirements vary; that is why AML offers users complete line of barcode and magnetic stripe decoders, each with their own unique features. AML decoding devices offer users a wide array of interfacing and input options to choose from, ensuring that a cost-effective solution that meets all application requirements can be met.

This easy to use, simple to install device requires no software changes to be made. Data that is scanned simply appears as if typed on a keyboard. The device can be easily configured from a Reader Setup Menu, allowing users to simply scan a custom barcode. Over 150 different options allow the device to be configured to meet your needs.

AML decoders provide users with improved speed and accuracy, ideal for repetitive data entry applications, including job tracking, document tracking, library check in/check out, serial number tracking, credit card processing, POS applications, membership tracking, and more.


  • Highest first read rates achieved by using advanced decoding algorithm
  • Accepts undecoded laser, CCD, wand, magnetic stripe reader or slot readerr
  • Automatically recognizes different bar code types (auto-discriminates)
  • Connect multiple devices at once
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