Linx IV and V Ethernet Barcode Terminal


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Linx IV and V Ethernet Barcode Terminal

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Linx IV and V Ethernet Barcode Terminal

Linx IV & V can be managed and controlled from a central location using LINX's TopSail for Windows network management (IV and V), LinxASCIIplus for the AS/400 (IV), and EtherLINX (V) and development software, making them ideal for enterprise-wide, data collection applications.

Increased Flexibility for I/O Device Control

The LINX IV and V Data Stations can be equipped to accept a wide variety of data input, including bar code badges, magnetic stripe cards, bar code wands, lasers, scanners, and scales, while controlling standard RS-232 and RS-422 interfaced devices, such as line printers, bar code label printers, and others. With rugged compact construction, reliability, programmability, and the best warranty and support program in its class, the LINX IV and V Data Stations are the Intelligent Choice for all of your advanced applications.

Unlimited Secure Networking

The LINX IV Data Station stands alone, links together into a local RS-485 network, or combines to form a very large network composed of multiple subnetworks, both on-site and remote. The LINX V Data Station extends the networking capabilities of the intelligent LINX line by adding direct-connect Ethernet communications. Ethernet TCP/IP and IPX-compatible communications are supported, along with peer to peer communications between the stations. LINX IV and V Data Stations have built in network and hardware diagnostics, and the LINX V's coexist on the same network as Novell, Microsoft, and TCP/IP networks. Whether using the secure LINX network or an Ethernet LAN, security against unauthorized access to the LINX IV and V Data Stations is assured through password protection.

Fault Tolerant and Cost-Effective

In the event of a host computer or server failure, or a network line failure, the LINX IV and V Data Stations can continue to perform assigned tasks such as time and attendance, access control, shop floor data collection, machine control, and many others. They also support subnetworks of LINX I, II, and III data collection and control terminals, allowing all of a user's applications to be cost-effectively performed.

Advanced Operating systems for Management Control

The flexibility and increased power of the LINX IV and V Data Stations are controlled and focused by an advanced, downloadable (soft), multitasking operating system. This allows on-line, multi-location, updating, and enhancement of the data stations in your network from the central computer or server, without removing a single unit from its' physical location.

Error-Free Open System Application Development Tools

Applications can be developed by programmers using LinxBASIC, a compatible subset of QuickBasic, and by non-programmers using the LINX Application Interface, a field-proven, 4GL level automated program generator, simulator, and debugger for PC compatibles that produces error-free LinxBASIC programs.

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