LazerData SureScan 990 Conveyor Sorter Barcode Reader


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LazerData SureScan 990 Conveyor Sorter Barcode Reader

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LazerData SureScan 990 Conveyor Sorter Barcode Reader

LazerData SureScan 990 Conveyor Sorter Barcode Reader

The LazerData SureScan 990 is a high performance scanner capable of reading barcodes at speeds of over 600 ft (182.9 m) per minute with item separation as close as 4 inches (10.2 cm). TimeSlice™ decoding software is used to accurately read even damaged and hard-to-read barcodes at near real time speeds, further improving throughput. This intuitive scanning process reduces the amount of re-work needed when repositioning and repairing faulty labels.

Equipped with a parallel RISC processor, the SureScan 990 uses a 40 inch (101.6 cm) field of view without mechanical focusing in order to decode up to sixteen codes per item. Sealed optics and solid state (VLD) lasers minimize downtime while on-board diagnostics provides users with feedback when issues do arise. Its single moving part design (a brushless DC motor) makes it the most reliable scanner in its class.

The device offers four different configurations, allowing users to optimize it to maximize performance and easily integrate it into existing systems. User configurable software offers extensive on-board diagnostics to minimize time spent resolving problems. The SureScan 990 is capable of interfacing with all popular conveyor and sorter control systems.

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