LaneHawk BOB Point of Sale Visual Scanner


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LaneHawk BOB Point of Sale Visual Scanner

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LaneHawk BOB Point of Sale Visual Scanner

LaneHawk BOB Point of Sale Visual Scanner

The LaneHawk point of sale visual scanner is a loss-prevention system for under cart items that is capable of recognizing items without having to read a UPC code. The LaneHawk can be integrated into any POS system, including self-checkout set ups. The system features a flush-mounted smart camera that continuously watches for items. Upon item recognition using ViPR® technology, its UPC data is sent via Ethernet connection to the POS where the cashier can verify the items found under the basket and complete the transaction. The LaneHawk ensures no items under cart are missed and go unpaid for.

How it Works

  • Detects and recognizes BOB (bottom of the basket) items using image recognition technology
  • Sends info to POS system via Ethernet and adds them to the transaction
  • The cashier can then verify and accept or clear the detected items added by the LaneHawk to complete the transaction

The LaneHawk is capable recognizing a specific item under the cart. It is able to distinguish between a 12-pack of coke and 12-pack of Pepsi and ring the item up without having to see the barcode. This solution can be integrated into your POS system in order to eliminate almost all BOB loss.

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