LS9203i Omni-Directional Barcode Scanner


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LS9203i Omni-Directional Barcode Scanner

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LS9203i Omni-Directional Barcode Scanner

LS9203i Omni-Directional Barcode Scanner

The LS9203i is an omni-directional barcode scanner capable and ideal for smaller operations and organizations that are looking for a dependable yet reliable device for data entry. It comes equipped with high performance optics which provide superior data capture on any barcode, even high density codes, and it features an extra loud beeper that gives the user an audible cue when the scan was successful. The device can be configured in a hands-free or handheld configuration to suit the task at hand and the simple deployment costs and the durability of the device ensure a low cost of ownership. Easily able to integrate into your current point-of-sale solution, the LS9203i can offer you information on sales and customer behaviours. All of these features are placed into one sleek and small form factor that is able to suit any environment and in any space.

Electronic data capture

Using electronic data capture, you can eliminate the manual work and paper based collection errors.

Reduction of inventory errors

By reducing your inventory errors, you can help prevent any shrinkage and keep your costs down all while improving your accuracy.

Omni-directional scanning

This speeds up the checkout time and allows your employees to serve more customers.

High-performance optics

The optics allow you to read even high density barcodes and can deliver superior data capture.

Extra loud beeper

An 85dBAa beeper offers audible feedback to confirm decodes even in loud environments.

Multiple configurations

By being given the choice of handheld or hands-free scanning, the device can be configured for the job and reduce injuries that can be caused by lifting objects to scan them.

Durable design

The device is durable and can withstand multiple drops onto concrete, this ensures that the device will continue to perform.

Plug-and-play Setup

The LS9203i is easy to deploy and can be rapidly installed and used, it has an intuitive design making it easy to use and minimizing the time spent training.

Multiple interfaces

By allowing you to migrate to new hosts, The LS9203i does not have to be replaced and provides investment protection.

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