LS3578-FZ Motorola Bluetooth Scanner


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LS3578-FZ Motorola Bluetooth Scanner

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LS3578-FZ Motorola Bluetooth Scanner

LS3578-FZ Motorola Bluetooth Scanner

The LS3578-FZ Motorola Bluetooth Scanner provides rugged, accurate barcode scanning with fuzzy logic technology, allowing for first-pass reads of almost any 1D barcode, even if it is damaged or dirty.

Integration of Bluetooth® technology ensures secure, reliable wireless data transmission between scanning device and host system. The device’s wide working range enables workers to freely move about and work more efficiently. The LS3578-FZ’s rugged, drop-resistant design features sealed housing, providing more reliability and less equipment failure and downtime.

Features and Benefits

  • Fuzzy logic decoding allows the device to scan even dirty, damaged, or low contrast 1D barcodes
  • Integration of Bluetooth® secure, wireless data transmission
  • Rugged design, capable of enduring drops of 6.5 feet (2m) onto concrete
  • IP65 rated sealing to protect the device from dust and water
  • LED and adjustable beeper indicators which provide feedback for workers
  • Multi-point communication allows a single cradle to be connected with up to three scanners
  • Bright 650-nm laser aiming dot provides more accurate scanning
  • GS1 DataBar support
  • Advanced data formatting
  • Batch mode operation
  • Remote Scanner Management
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