LS3064MX Memory Scanner


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LS3064MX Memory Scanner

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LS3064MX Memory Scanner

The Industry's Most Rugged Memory Scanner Delivers Top Performance in Multiple Uses

If your application calls for a scanner offering durability, performance, flexibility, hand-held or hands-free operation, and cabled or cableless data collection, your choice is easy: the LS 3064MX Memory Scanner from Symbol Technologies.

No other scanner combines such a wide range of features and benefits in a single unit. That means that no other scanner can do as many jobs in as many places. In retail environments, the LS 3064MX is perfect for pre-check or point-of-sale applications during the day, while doubling as a scanner that can be used for inventory checking or goods receiving tasks after hours. In warehouses and distribution centers you'll use it for shipping and receiving; and its long battery life makes it ideal for cableless bar code reading in manufacturing, postal sorting and courier applications.

The LS 3064MX memory scanner can be connected to a fixed host or operated as a cableless memory scanner for batch data collection. The scanner is powered by a rechargeable NiCad battery powerful enough for 20,000 scans from a single charge. Battery recharging can be performed by the host system or via the Universal Battery Charger (shown at left). The scanner connects via RS-232 or through any Symbol interface controller to a wide range of host systems, including portable personal computers for truly mobile bar code data collection and analysis. Although it's light in weight and ergonomically designed, the LS 3064MX has been designed to withstand repeated 6-foot (1.8 m) drops to concrete.

Plus, the LS 3064MX employs Symbol's patented Mylar® scan element for
exceptional reliability and the confidence that comes with Symbol's limited lifetime warranty.

While offering the freedom of a "go anywhere" hand-held scanner, the LS 3064MX becomes an easy-to-use presentation scanner when inserted into Symbol's innovative IntelliStand. This configuration is perfect for scanning small items without having to pick up the scanner. Simply take the scanner out of the IntelliStand to scan larger or bulkier items.

The versatile LS 3064MX Memory Scanner: You can expect the best because it's a member of the LS 3000 Series family of laser scanners from Symbol Technologies, the world leader in bar code-based data management systems, with more than 4 million scanners and terminals installed.


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