LS3008 Rugged Handheld Scanner


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LS3008 Rugged Handheld Scanner

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LS3008 Rugged Handheld Scanner

LS3008 Rugged Handheld Scanner

Motorola’s LS3008 Rugged Handheld Scanner features a lightweight, ergonomic design for improved productivity in healthcare, light industrial, and retail environments. Its reliable design, which features a single-board construction in order to eliminate failures associated with multiple circuit boards and connecting ribbon cables, is meant to provide workers with the optimal amount of uptime.

A multi-line rastering scan pattern allows for a wide working range and eliminates the need for exact aim and positioning. The device features Liquid Polymer Scan Technology which gives the scanner enhanced motion tolerance, eliminates friction, reduces worker fatigue, and increases productivity.

Features and Benefits

  • Single-board design eliminates failures originating from issues with the ribbons which connect multiple circuit boards together
  • IP53 rated sealing allows for safe sanitization and protection from water and dust
  • Wide working range allows for accurate scanning from 0 to 19 inches
  • Capable of reading barcode symbols as small as 3 mil.
  • Scratch-resistant, tempered glass scan window
  • Enhanced motion tolerance
  • Multi-line rastering scan pattern
  • Multiple onboard interfacing options, such as RS232, keyboard wedge (BW), and USB
  • Support for Remote Scanner Management (RSM)
  • Intellistand accessory available for hands-free presentation scanning
  • Liquid Polymer Scan element improves, with a lifetime warranty, durability and reliability by eliminating friction and wear
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