LPN9625 & LPN9645 Fixed Position Barcode Laser Scanner


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LPN5627 Fixed Position Laser Scanner LS1220 Embedded Barcode Scanner

LPN9625 & LPN9645 Fixed Position Barcode Laser Scanner

CATEGORY:Barcode Scanners > Fixed Mount Scanners > Compact Line Scanners
LPN9625 & LPN9645 Fixed Position Barcode Laser Scanner

LPN9625 & LPN9645 Fixed Position Barcode Laser Scanner

The LPN9625 and LPN9645 fixed position barcode laser scanners are microprocessor-controlled devices can be easily integrated into any OEM product design. Its compact size and variety of optical configurations allow it to fit into a variety of tight spaces.

The LPN9625 and LPN9645 are available in front or side view configurations and can be set up with scan rates of 33 or 200 scans per second. These devices run on 5 VDC power and automatically identify and decode most popular barcode symbologies. RS232C communications is used to transmit decoded data to the host terminal. A 16-bit microprocessor provides users with high performance and the ability to program parameters to optimize the device for a specific application

Programmable settings can be downloaded to the device from a computer for quick setup. A rugged steel enclosure provides protection from dirt and other environmental hazards and provides EMC and ESD protection. A brushless motor and solid state laser diode provides a longer lasting life.

A 6 foot cable, with a 25 pin female D-shell connector, comes standard. Custom cable lengths and pinouts are available. Plug-in RF adapters can be used to convert the device into a long distance (500 feet) wireless unit.

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