LMD1135 Fixed Position Laser Scanner


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LMD1135 Fixed Position Laser Scanner

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LMD1135 Fixed Position Laser Scanner

The LMD 1135 is small in size and lightweight. It is designed with a powerful 100 scan/second laser engine as an economical, feature-rich, alternative for embedded scanner applications.

The heart of the scanner is the VLM-4100 laser engine which has been repeatedly proven as reliable and high quality in numerous worldwide product applications.

Operating on 5 VDC power, the LMD 1135 automatically recognizes and decodes all of the most popular bar code symbologies and transmits data using RS232C communications to the host device. The scanner is easily programmed to match its performance to the specific application.

The auto trigger function offers a convenient method for extending scanner lifetimes in human interface kiosk applications. The scanner is switched on when motion is sensed and switches off after a period of inactivity.

A plastic enclosure maintains the integrity of the scanner without the penalty in cost and weight. Optics and electronics are protected from dust and other environmental hazards.

The standard configuration comes with a 6.5 foot detachable cable with a 9 pin, D-Sub connector and power pigtail which can be used for initial engineering testing. As standard practice, alternate connector types, pinouts and cable lengths are available to meet your particular requirements.

An Engineering Test & Evaluation Kit is available containing all the needed items to fully test and integrate the scanner into your design including a test board which allows an engineer to actually see communication signals.

LMD 1135 Features and Benefits
Features Benefits
Small size Fits in tight space. Easy to incorporate into a design
Laser Scanner Reads bar codes from as far away as 12"
Light weight Can be installed on moving arms and mechanisms
Auto-trigger function Automatic triggering for kiosk/human interface applications
Fully programmable Can be programmed to meet your application
Customized connector styles, pinouts, cable length available Scanner are shipped ready to install in your product
Plastic enclosure Protects scanner from environmental hazards Easy to handle and stock
Test and Evaluation Kit Easy to integrate the scanner into your design
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