LGZ Series Long Range CCD Scanners


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LGZ Series Long Range CCD Scanners

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LGZ Series Long Range CCD Scanners

The LGZ Series of Handheld CCD scanners offer the durability and value of CCD technology with the depth-offield and reading range of laser scanners. 

The scanner utilizes two sets of CCDs, one focused for distance reading, the other for closer reading. The result is great reading capability from contact to one foot or more. 

The LGZ scanner features a unique, adjustable pistol-style handle. Users adjust the position and angle of the handle to match their personal preferences. In heavy scanning applications, reposition the handle periodically to reduce stress and the possible impact of repetitive operations. High scan speed and superior optical resolution produce a scanner with outstanding reading capability and aggressive performance. 

The LGZ Series is available with either a keyboard wedge, RS232, or wand emulation interface. Rugged Performance Opticon’s 5-Year Warranty stems from the durability and long life inherent in CCD scanning technology. No moving parts result in high reliability. 

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