LGZ 7225 Hand Held CCD Scanner


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LGZ 7225 Hand Held CCD Scanner

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LGZ 7225 Hand Held CCD Scanner

LGZ 7225 Hand Held CCD Scanner

The LGZ7225 handheld CCD scanner combines the long reading range of a laser scanner with the durability and affordability of CCD imaging technology. This CCD scanner offers users the ability to quickly and accurately read high density symbols (4 mil) from as far as twenty inches or more away. High scan speeds and a superior optical resolution provides aggressive reading performance even of damaged or poorly printed barcodes.

The LGZ 7225 series of CCD scanners also offers the same rugged durability you have come to know of Opticon’s long lasting scanners. Built with no moving parts, the device is less susceptible to damages and offers a fast scanrate of 200 scans per second. An optional stand allows it to be used in hands-free applications. The device is available in RS232, USB, and keyboard wedge interfacing models.


  • Reads high density barcodes
  • CCD Imaging Technology
  • Reads 4 Mil Barcode
  • Proven CCD reliability and long life
  • Long Range Reading
  • Easily integrated to any host
  • Reads barcodes at over 20 inches away
  • Bright Aiming Light
  • Multiple Interfaces
  • Easy to locate the target at long distances
  • Rapid replacement decreases down-time
  • Replaceable Cable
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