LG2 2D Barcode Reader


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Vision System 4000 LG7335 2D Barcode Imager

LG2 2D Barcode Reader

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LG2 2D Barcode Reader


LG2 is a revolutionary new, bar code reader. Developed to be the first universal reader, no other single device performs as many functions.

With a cost of ownership far less than comparable systems, the LG2 incorporates a unique dual path optical system, a 1.3 million pixel CMOS sensor, and a 400 MHz processor. This combination has created a reading system that supports: 



  • Superior working range    
  • High-speed omni-directional decoding     
  • High density matrix codes and larger low density linear codes     
  • Cordless and cabled interfaces     
  • Unsurpassed data rates

The LG2 sets a new benchmark for size and weight. It is smaller and lighter than comparable systems yet can withstand multiple drops to concrete. It is the only product available in handheld, gun handle, and presentation stand form factors with cabled, batch and cordless versions. The cordless version utilizes the latest Bluetooth™ class 1 radio with a 300 foot operating range. Although rugged and lightweight, the cordless version will operate for more than a complete shift at the highest use rate. The LG2 performs more than 4000 reads and transmits from a single battery charge.

The LG2 is versatile enough for the most demanding warehouse and production applications, yet graceful, rapid and economical enough for point-of-sale applications. Small and light enough to be used in parcel tracking, the CR2 features a 1300 milliamp Lithium-Ion battery and 8 MB of non-volatile memory, outperforming all other store and forward devices. LG2 will automatically discriminate between all major 2-D matrix and linear barcode symbologies and features a timestamp feature for logging data.  

Whether you need a small, palm held device or a traditional gun, LG2 was specifically developed so users may easily choose the device that best meets their needs. 

The LG2 is available in three (3) configurations: 

• Cabled - USB or RS-232 (serial) 

• Batch - Store and forward unit with long-life battery 

• Cordless - Bluetooth Radio with 300 foot operating range

A variety of LG2 accessories such as dual bay battery charger, stands, LiON batteries, cables are available.

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