LC10M Magnetic Stripe Bar Code Slot Reader


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LC10M Magnetic Stripe Bar Code Slot Reader

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LC10M Magnetic Stripe Bar Code Slot Reader

LC10M Magnetic Stripe Bar Code Slot Reader

The LC10M Barcode Slot Reader offers the benefits of Opticon’s best quality barcode readers combined with the capabilities of a magnetic stripe reader. This two-in-one card reader is capable of reading a barcode enabled badge or card without having to indicate which type of input is about to be obtained. The reader is capable of automatically sensing what type of input is presented.

By combining the features of both barcode and magnetic stripe reading, it eliminates the need to purchase to separate readers. This not only saves you money, but frees up valuable counter-space at the workstation. Additionally, it simplifies the employee training process and eliminates confusion. Simply swipe the card through the slot in either direction at any speed and the tolerant reader will pick up the input.

The LC10M is designed with a variety of features that provide a high degree of flexibility when reading barcodes. The device has an adjustable sensor height which allows the barcode to be located almost anywhere on the card and the exit cable location allows it to be installed easily in a variety of ways, such as on a table top or mounted on a wall. The reader is capable of decoding information from a barcode or magnetic stripe. RS232 or keyboard interfacing options are available and the reader can be set up to read magnetic stripe information on ISO Track 1, 1 and 2, or 2 and 3. An optional external scanner port is available for use of the device with an additional barcode scanning device.

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