LA-4137 Wireless Networker CompactFlash Radio Card


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LA-4137 Wireless Networker CompactFlash Radio Card

LA-4137 Wireless Networker CompactFlash Radio Card

LA-4137 Wireless Networker CompactFlash Radio Card

Motorola's LA-4137 delivers the power of 802.11b wireless connectivity to today's most popular mobile computers, PDAs and notebook computers with a CF-to-PC card adapter.

At the office, at home, or in public hot spots such as airports and coffee shops, users can remain productive and connected to their corporate network, the Internet, e-mail and other critical business applications with 802.11b Wi-Fi interoperability. Battery life is extended with advanced power management, which delivers low power consumption. The data transmission rate is automatically adjusted as wireless signal strength decreases, enabling maximum roaming range without losing connectivity


High speeds, high bandwidth

11 Mbps direct sequence (DS) high data rate transmission supports bandwidth-demanding applications and high-speed data transmission.

Works with your PDA and your notebook PC

Supports both Pocket PC and Windows PC operating systems.

Wi-Fi certified (IEEE 802.11b compliant)

Interoperable wireless networking based on the high rate standard.

CompactFlash form factor Type I/II

Supports a variety of popular computing devices, from handhelds to laptops.

Optimized throughput and range for continuous connectivity

Automatic data rate and channel selection of 11, 5.5, 2, and 1 Mbps.

Wireless software upgrade

Simplified update and maintenance.

Powerful data security at 40 and 128 bits

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encryption and decryption support offers 40 and 128 bit security.

User-friendly client tools

Simplified administration and maintenance.

Low power consumption and long battery life

Advanced Power Management and Suspend on WLAN enable very low power consumption, extending battery life for client devices.

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