KP3800 Programmable Keyboard


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KP3700 Programmable Keyboard Magellan 3200VSi On-Counter Point-Of-Sale Scanner

KP3800 Programmable Keyboard

CATEGORY:Point of Sale (POS)
KP3800 Programmable Keyboard

KP3800 Programmable Keyboard

The KP3800 is part of Unitech’s line of multifunction keyboards and features a 100 key layout. The KP3800’s keys are relegendable and it comes with an integrated Magnetic Card Reader, mouse pad, and barcode scanner connectivity port. It features a compact and spill resistant design.

Of its 100 keys, 84 of them are relegendable and 88 are programmable. The 88 programmable keys can be easily customized through the use of Unitech Keyboard Configuration Management software. Each of the keys can be modified by all other keys on the keyboard so that each can represent up to 97 unique inputs. The keys have a clear cap that can be popped off so that a new label can be put on the key to relegend it.

Unitech’s Keyboard Configuration Management software makes defining output from an attached scanner or magnetic stripe reader simple and allows you to format in the way you want.

Input Modes

There are two different modes of operation from which input can be taken.

The KP3800 includes a DB-9 port that allows input from undecoded barcode scanners and RS232. It can be used with decoded scanners which support Wand Emulation output. It is compatible with CCD, wand, and laser scanners.

The KP3800 features a card-reader slot which is built in and a single, dual (which is included), or triple track card reader. The keyboard can be modified to include a barcode slot reader.

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