ITScriptNet Batch Data Collection Application Generator


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ITScriptNet Batch Data Collection Application Generator

ITScriptNet Batch Data Collection Application Generator

ITScriptNet™ Batch and Batch Plus software allows users to quickly and easily create batch data collection applications for all HHP Dolphin® batch portable data terminals.  

The ITScriptNet program designer features an intuitive visual interface that provides users with a graphical view of how the program will function as it is being constructed, greatly simplifying the development process.

ITScriptNet enables developers to harness the multi-functional data capture capabilities of Dolphin mobile computers, including keypad and touch panel input, reading 1 and 2D bar codes, signature capture, and picture taking. 

With its power, flexibility, and ease of use, ITScriptNet Batch may be used to create a wide range of data collection solutions for inventory control, asset management, warehousing, retail, meter reading, document tracking, and production tracking. 

Features Benefits
Cross Platform Save development time by creating applications for all Dolphin batch terminals; write it once, run it on all terminals. 
Export to Different File Formats Data collected can be exported into a text file Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, or through an ODBC connection, eliminating the need to perform additional processes. 
Program Designer Interface Eliminates the need to allocate highly trained developers to create applications 
Multi-level Program  Simple yet sophisticated tool that allows programmers and non-programmers to write effective data collection programs. 
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