IT4410ESD Hand Held 2D Image Reader


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IT4410ESD Hand Held 2D Image Reader

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IT4410ESD Hand Held 2D Image Reader

The HHP IMAGETEAMâ„¢ (IT) 4410ESD 2D Image Readers are high performance readers of high density linear (1D), stacked (PDF417), and matrix (2D) codes, that have been designed specifically for the stringent requirements found in clean room assembly of sensitive electronic components.

With a clean room rating of 100, ESD-resistant labeling, low particulation and contamination plastics, and ESDresistant cables, the IT4410ESD readers are the most suitable hand held 2D image readers for ESDsensitive and clean room environments today.

Together with our IT3800ESD Hand Held Linear Imager, HHP offers the most complete line of ESDresistant readers. Internal components of IT4410ESD 2D Image Readers are isolated from the conductive path formed by the case, output connector shield, and special shielded cable with drain wire. The 2D Image Reader is rated for discharges up to 15kV without damage. All materials are tested using the methods described in ASTM D257, Standard Test Methods for Conductance of Insulating Materials.

The surface resistivity is rated at less than 10E5 ohms/square inch. Triboelectric residual charge measured with a no-contact electrostatic field meter is less than 5 volts on any surface. The IT4410ESD 2D Image Reader provides omnidirectional and auto-discrimination decoding for symbologies, such as Data Matrix, PDF417, QR, Aztec, Code 39, Code 128, Interleaved 2 of 5, Codabar, UPC, and EAN, as well as RSS-14, composite codes, postal codes, and MaxiCode.

Additional symbologies will be added as required. Two focal point models are available: the IT4410E-HD (2 inch (5.1 cm) focal point) which is ideal for reading matrix (2D) symbols that have cell sizes less than 10 mil (.010 in.), and the IT4410E-HD10 (3 inch (7.6 cm) focal point) for reading matrix (2D) symbols with cell sizes greater than 10 mil (.010 in.). Both are excellent readers of high density linear (1D) symbols.

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