IT3900i Fixed Position Linear Imager


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IT3900 Fixed Position Linear Imager AXIOM-X Industrial Barcode Reader

IT3900i Fixed Position Linear Imager

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IT3900i Fixed Position Linear Imager

IT3900i Fixed Position Linear Imager

The IMAGETEAM™ 3900i fixed linear imager offers users a reliable barcode scanning solution to kiosk and other OEM applications. It is a Frost coloured scanner to complement the Apple® iMac™. Advanced linear imaging technology provides fast reading and decoding speeds as well as a sharp, bright aiming line. This easy to use device delivers high successful scan rates, making it an ideal solution for kiosks, where scanning is done by someone without any experience.

This easy to use device can quickly scan barcode labels without needing to be perfectly lined up and is capable of reading a variety of popular barcode symbologies. The IT3900i has a large working range and an automatic trigger for constant scanning. It can be configured in a presentation mode for hands free applications. Scanning can be controlled by a host computer via serial commands to improve customer experience.

The IT3900i can interface with Apple iMac devices via USB connectivity. Kits include a USB cable.

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