IT3875 Interactive Cordless Linear Imager


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IT3875 Interactive Cordless Linear Imager

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IT3875 Interactive Cordless Linear Imager

Do you want the freedom of complete mobility with your bar code scanner? Do you want to eliminate the possibility of an operator pulling on the cable, stretching it near moving machinery and creating a safety hazard? The host computer is up to 100 feet (30 m) away, and you can’t reach the keyboard or see the screen. Imagine interacting with the host computer as if you were standing beside it.

The cordless IT3875 provides a portable interface to the host, and is capable of real-time bi-directional communication. With the IT3875 you can view scanned data and make keypad entries the instant you pick it up. With a few key presses, it is configured for a typical picking application, prompting you to scan a part number and to enter a quantity. The IT3875 displays graphic icons and text in three sizes.

The keypad offers superior tactile response and a familiar telephone layout. Keyboard macros allow you to enter long strings of data, or characters that are not on the keypad. Changes to your host software can cost a lot of time and money. Instead, create custom applications that run on the scanner itself.

Not a programmer? Construct your application with only a few point-andclick operations using HHP’s IQ App DesignerTM software package. Linear imaging technology is synonymous with laserlike reading distances, exceptional durability, high speed, and the best overall value.

The IT3875’s ergonomic design and light weight make it ideal for scanning-intensive applications. In addition, the IT3875 is an aggressive bar code scanner, capable of reading the symbologies that matter to you. This includes all the standard linear bar codes, plus PDF417 on shipping labels, RSS codes on shelf labels, and MicroPDF417 on consumer electronic products. At HHP, our scanners are not just warranted to last, but they are designed to last. The IT3875, built to endure harsh work environments, is backed with a three year warranty, the best of any scanner in its class.

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