IT3800LX Hand Held Linear Imager


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IT3800LX Hand Held Linear Imager

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IT3800LX Hand Held Linear Imager

The IMAGETEAM™ 3800LX is a longer range, high performance, hand held bar code scanner. The IT3800LX uses linear imaging technology to match the reading distance of standard range lasers with a bright, sharp aiming line. In addition, the IT3800LX offers high resolution imaging to deliver exceptional reading performance.

The IT3800LX handle is smoothly contoured to fit all sized hands, plus has a soft grip area to add comfort and prevent slipping. Its aesthetically pleasing look surrounds a rugged, durable construction, built for demanding work environments. The IT3800LX is so durable, it carries a 5 year warranty.

The IT3800LX is excellent in hand held scanning applications, such as retail point of sale and in-store inventory. It operates from a tabletop holder in manual trigger mode, or may be placed in an adjustable stand for automated operation. The IT3800LX can be used indoors or outside in bright sunlight. Typical applications are retail point-of-sale, in-store inventory, document management, transaction processing of bar coded receipts, payment counter, and outdoor sales kiosks.

Models are available for different interfaces:

The IT3800LX-11 is available for IBM 486X, 469X, OCIA, PC XT/AT/PS-2 Keyboard Wedge, Direct Connect Keyboard Replacement, TTL Level RS-232, TTL Serial Wedge, Wand Emulation, HHLC, and Non Decoded. The IT3800LX-12 can be used with PC XT/AT/ PS-2 Keyboard Wedge, Direct Connect Keyboard Replacement, Apple ADB, TTL Level RS-232, TTL Serial Wedge, Wand Emulation, HHLC, and Non Decoded. The IT3800LX-14 offers USB connectivity to PCbased products that use Microsoft® Windows® 98, Windows® 2000, and Windows NT® 2000, as well as the Apple® iMac® computer. In addition to offering USB connectivity, the IT3800LX-14 also provides PCXT/AT/PS-2 keyboard wedge, direct connect keyboard replacement, TTL level RS- 232, TTL serial wedge, wand emulation, and non decoded connectivity. The IT3800LX-15 offers all the connectivity of the IT3800LX-14, plus IBM SurePOS USB, IBM 486X, and 469X connectivity. 

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