IT3800ESD Linear Imager


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IT3800ESD Linear Imager

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IT3800ESD Linear Imager

The IMAGETEAM™ 3800ESD is a high performance scanner designed for the stringent requirements of clean room assembly of sensitive electronic components. The IT3800ESD is constructed of conductive materials engineered to eliminate the build up of dangerous static charge on the scanner and to quickly drain the charge from any other object with which it comes in contact.

The IT3800ESD is assembled for use in a Class 100 clean room environment and is triple bagged for proper introduction into the end use environment.Internal components of the IT3800ESD scanner are isolated from the conductive path formed by the case, output connector shield, and special shielded cable with drain wire. The scanner is rated for discharges up to 15 kV without damage. T

wo models are available: the IT3800VHD/ESD which reads very high density bar codes and the IT3800LR/ESD for more typical applications.All materials used in the IT3800ESD are tested using the methods described in ASTM D257, Standard Test Methods for Conductance of Insulating Materials. The surface resistivity is rated at less than 10E8 ohms/square. Triboelectric residual charge is measured with a non contact Electrostatic Field Meter and is less than 5 volts on any surface.

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