IT3220 Mid-Range Linear Imager


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IT3220 Mid-Range Linear Imager

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IT3220 Mid-Range Linear Imager

The IMAGETEAMTM (IT)3220 Mid-Range Linear Imager replaces traditional laser bar code scanners with a high speed scanner, at a lower cost. Equipped with a new generation light intensifier and optical design, the IT3220 has a high intensity aiming line and captures bar codes from as far away as 8 inches (20.3 cm).

With more than 200 sophisticated programmable parameters and the Universal Interface feature, one single unit of the IT3220 can meet any requirements by working with more than 60 different host machines via user-replaceable interface cable converters. The unique decoding engine gives the IT3220 exceptionally fast and accurate scanning capabilities. Since the built-in flash memory makes the IT3220 field-upgradable, the scanner’s programming is always up-to-date.

The embedded data format editor allows you to modify scanned data any way you want ... you can verify, insert, delete, replace, reorganize, or even repeat any data segment. Working with HHP SETTM, a Windows® utility, configuration setup, parameter downloads, uploads, and program upgrades can be performed with very little effort.

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