IS4200 Hands Free Wearable Scanner


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IS4200 Hands Free Wearable Scanner

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IS4200 Hands Free Wearable Scanner

IS4200 Hands Free Wearable Scanner

The IS4200 from Metrologic is a fully-automatic, single-line laser scanner. The device combines patented activation technology with a wearable design to provide an intuitive, hands-free scanning solution. The IS4200 can also be used as a stationary scanner. It automatically detects and reads barcodes as they are presented, making it a simple scanning solution sure to improve productivity whether it be used for shipping/receiving, order picking, or inventory control.

When used as a hands-free wearable scanner, the IS4200 can be mounted comfortably to the back of an operator’s hand. The scanner can be connected to a portable data terminal in order to provide the operator with an unrestricted data collection solution where they are free to move about.

When the IS4200 is connected directly to a computer, order entry and document scanning are made simple and fast. When a barcode is presented to the scanner, data is automatically entered into the computer.

The IS4200 is offered in two different models: the IS4210, a non-decoded model, and the IS4220, which features integrated decoding for application using RS232, stand-alone keyboard, keyboard wedge, or light pen emulation interfacing.

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