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IRIS Business Card Reader

The IBCR will help you keep your contact database up-to-date and it relieves you of the tedious task of having to type card information in your computer.
Powered by I.R.I.S. OCR, the Intelligent text recognition software used will accurately recognise and correctly place in the appropriate database fields the information on any business card.
USB Connection
Directly connected to the USB port of a PC or Notebook
Easy Plug & Play installation
Powered by an external power supply.

New OCR technology
Significantly increases the OCR accurancy.
Your scanned images are immediately converted into database records, you now have a complete address and image database for your contacts

Import formats:
Text: import filter for Windows Cardfile
Images: TIFF uncompressed, packbits, CCITT IV, d2read

Export formats:
Automatic field selection
Comma or tab delimited format
Direct format for Outlook and Outlook Express

Single click export to Outlook and Outlook Express

Scanning features
Quick scanning at 400 dpi and 256 grey levels and indexing guarantees
instant archiving of your business cards

Sort, Search and Select
Even with limited information, e.g. no more than the first characters of a name, you are sure to find your contact back instantly

Database functionality
Advanced professional database functionality for searching, sorting,
selecting and exporting contacts

Foreign language support
Recognition languages: 24

Business card processing
Support of most European and American business card layouts and styles.
Landscape or portrait orientation.
Zoom functionality
Rotation capability
Automatic size detection

Greyscale display
The ViewGrey, a proprietary high resolution greyscale display technique, makes the card perfectly legible. Zooming is always possible for more details.
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